Detroiters are Talking. Listen to Them.

It is satisfying and terrifying seeing so much of Detroit outside Detroit these days. Detroiters on the small screen, the Comedy Central series about, well, Detroiters, coupled with Detroit, the much-debated Kathryn Bigelow flick meant to inspire conversation about police brutality through a 50-year-old lesson learned during our riots.

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On Leaving Detroit

I have a dear friend who is planning to leave Detroit very soon to move West. After living in and around Detroit all his life, he is taking a new job in sunny California. He is, by definition, the very demographic Michigan wants to hold on to...

2016-03-21T08:23:17-04:00March 18, 2016|

What Is A Detroit Hipster, Anyway?

I am 30 years old, a fan of top-shelf cocktails and Chuck Taylors, and a Detroit resident. I like live music, and I tend to know about new art galleries before the rest of my friends. Could I be a hipster? Maybe. I’m not quite sure.

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Requiem for Northland Center

Northland Center is the oldest suburban shopping mall in the Detroit region, and will likely close soon. Located in the inner-ring suburb of Southfield, north of Detroit, in a field in the southernmost part of its county.

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