The Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook
Edited by Aaron Foley
Belt Publishing, August 2017

Detroiters need to get to know their neighbors better. Wait — maybe that should be, Detroiters should get to know their neighborhoods better. It seems like everybody thinks they know the neighborhoods here, but because there are so many, the definitions become too broad, the characteristics become muddled, the stories become lost.

Edited by Aaron Foley, the Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook contains essays by Zoe Villegas, Drew Philip, Hakeem Weatherspoon, Marsha Music, Ian Thibodeau, and dozens others. See the Table of Contents below. Pre-order here.

Aaron Foley

Introduction: “Motor Nation”
Zoe Villegas

“Dispatch from SW Detroit: Seven generations seeking good home, good faith, strong will, hard working AKA get your own damn holiday and stopping dressing up like a fucking Mexican”
Michelle Martinez

“What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You About Delray, Michigan 48209”
Scheherazade Washington Parrish

“Cass Corridor #1”
Joel Fluent Greene

“Cass Corridor”
Elias Khalil

”Tiger Stadium”
Vince Guerrieri

“Steve’s Place”
R.J. Fox

“Jos Campau Avenue and Parke-Davis Historic Site”
Heather Harper

“Seeking Solitude in Rivertown”
Jeff Waraniak

“West Village: A 5-Year Reflection”
Julien Goodman

“When Ruby John Was Here”
Lakisha Dumas

“Just off Mack Avenue, on the Detroit Side”
Monica Hogan

Hakeem Weatherspoon

Drew Philp

“A One-Year Stand in Hamtramck”
Aaron Foley

Interlude: “Be Safe”
Justin Rogers

“Highland Park: Stories Within Stories in a City Within a City”
Bailey Sisoy Isgro

“Long Live the City of Trees”
Marsha Music

“Six Mile, Dexter, Plymouth, Gratiot and Grand River”
Lhea J. Love

”Minock Park“
Erin Marquis

“no, it’s not the East…”
Sara Jane Boyers

“Elmira Street”
April Clarke

“Bused In and Bused Out: How Judicial Rulings Changed Warrendale”
Lori Tucker Sullivan

“Warrendale, a Chance Medley with Lines from ‘Brother of Leaving’”
John Freeman

Ian Thibodeau

“Plymouth Rock Landed on Me”
Lhea J. Love

Barbara Stewart Thomas

“Palmer Park: A glorious crossroad for nature, recreation, creativity, community and more”
Barbara Barefield

“Biking University District”
John G. Rodwan Jr.

“Sherwood Forest”
Gail Rodwan

“Sing, shout ‘Green Acres is the Place for Me!’”
Maureen McDonald

Closing: “Detroit: Exodus”
Will T. Langford IV

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